Current Laboratory Members: Jessica Salmon, Graham Magor, Casie Reed, Andrew Perkins, Charlene Lam, Helen Mitchell, Jane Lin. Absent: Kevin Gillinder

Jessica Salmon

Research Fellow

Andrew Perkins

Professor of Haematology

Genomics and Personalised Medicine

Casie Reed

Research Assistant

Helen Mitchell

Research Officer

Charlene Lam

PhD Student

Charlene joined the Perkins lab as a PhD student in 2018 after obtaining her MRes in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London. Her doctoral research investigates how the JAK2 mutation leads to downstream changes in gene expression that drives myeloproliferative … Read More

Kevin Gillinder

Research Officer

Kevin Gillinder is a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (Monash University) in Melbourne. His research interests include understanding how sequence-specific transcription factors work at the molecular level – DNA motif recognition and co-factor recruitment – to … Read More

Graham Magor

Research Assistant