The aim of this page is to provide a series of example pages for testing how different features work.

Please feel free to have a poke around and test things out! Starting with the “Visual” editor for page content – found in the top right handside of the editing window – let’s take it for a spin. You may also need to activate the “toolbar toggle” to get additional features.


Standard paragraph text.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6
Preformatted ....
So preformatted text in paragraphs will look like this.

& back to standard text again. Here are some examples of bold, underlined, italics, strikethrough,

  • bulleted list
  • and another item on list

let’s try how a

  1. number list works
  2. here is another number

Now let’s try some blockquote?

or a horizontal line?


central alignment …

and right-aligned?

here is a weblink – and another link to Google!

Now let’s add a ‘read more’ tag …
Some justified paragraph text – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, has assum bonorum ea, cu cum eligendi invenire laboramus. Vocibus propriae ullamcorper at vix, mnesarchum incorrupte scribentur te qui. Per eu putent commune. Has id elit nobis nusquam, impetus nusquam an sit. Nullam imperdiet voluptatum at vel, posse viris quodsi at eos. In agam dissentias efficiantur eos, ne aperiam diceret salutandi qui. Quo consulatu gubergren intellegat no, te utamur lobortis usu, ut sea commodo regione.

Change of text colour?

or even indented?

even more indented?

back again?

£ ® Á – even symbols!!


Well – that’s about everything in the visual toolbar – the “text” editor requires you to have some html knowledge, but it is helpful if you just want a simple text page. The “page builder” is a little more complex. Care should be take with this feature as it will overwrite the visual and text editor additions to your content.

Let’s take a look at the “page builder” editing box